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All the happenings in this world directed towards progress, could well be considered to be bringing in changes for the betterment of the creation of living. The three distinct manifestations of human knowledge, fundamentally known as ‘Science’, ‘Arts’ and ‘Spirituality’ that have branched out towards multifarious forms, contribute in a major way not only for such changes but also inducing transformations in the course of such progress over a great period of time.

When the very basic phenomenon of living is natural and living can only be along with the nature, the fundamental character of any knowledge can only be directed towards the perfection of co existence along with the nature. In this sense it could very well be understood that the knowledge of Science, rather the present science, reflects with almost all the practices resulting in the opposition of the nature. This obvious fact could also be substantiated with a number of evidences and happenings around us. At the same time the active and rapid development of scientific knowledge that has grown essentially based on various external factors and the fruits obtained by the same ensuring a sort of ‘convenient comfort ability’ externally, could at the same time be easily sensed as an illusion coupled with ignorance. The awareness of this truth primarily induces a fear of ‘great uncertainty’ internally, when the forthcoming generations are considered, as to whichever path that is not directed towards a peaceful co existence with the nature, could only yield reactionary results in the long run thereby making irreversible damages to all the living beings on this planet called earth. Once we are vehemently pushed towards this sort of awareness we become more lenient towards something called realization.

In the normal process of realization, ‘something’ is first known. Then the same is investigated with the intelligence to form opinions and doubts and then the intellect analyzes the new thing along with the already known things towards an understanding when adequately substantiated.

The progressive aspects that are felt deep internally as positives are consciously considered as realization and significantly remain also as experiences. When experiences are considered, there would always be elements of uncertainty and deviations from the truth thus leading towards contradictions; on contrary, in the case of realizations such contradictions and deviations could never be had in the deepest sense, as they all would represent a single plane, which forms the crux of progress. When the quest and constant search for truth is inherent in any human, any realization would always manifest as a conscious identification of the self along with the nature that would indicate the plane of truth. And such a plane would always represent a ‘Universal Whole’, in other words the ultimatum.

The knowledge based on such realizations, even though would vary according to the differences in the experience, power of thought and the differing capacities of cognition, but if experimented on the practical environments would never yield reactionary effects but would always lead towards the progress because of that particular strength of underlying truth.

In all the present developments it could also be sensed that, with the advent of realization of the ‘whole’, the scientific knowledge stands out to be a by-product with its ever-growing character and time and again getting perfected within itself in the course of its evolution, very importantly in the process of understanding the nature in a systematized way.

On the other hand the Indian Arts in multifarious forms in general, display an altogether different pattern of evolution. The periods of origin of Indian Arts could be considered as the periods of the greatest artist and architect ‘Mayan’ and the Indian Temples symbolize the contemporaries of ‘Mayan’ creations. The nucleus of the temples in essential served as the great catalyst for internal growth while also functioning as social centers thereby leading towards noteworthy but fundamentally different scientific by-products.

An unexplored but profound and great practice known as ‘Vasthu’ incorporating an altogether diverse subjective aspect of topology and geo-magnetic perception can be cited as an example of this; Egyptian Pyramids and dowsing of underwater streams could also be recognized with such a true pattern of knowledge. The branches of Vedhas that reveal the knowledge of ancient medicines, astronomy and different kinds of artistic comprehensions those have a recorded age of more than 5000 years can be well found to serve with their intense utilities even today.

Such gamut of knowledge or the fundamental basis of such a pattern could never be understood with the existing scientific methodology of observation, isolation, experimentation and recording or even statistical approaches, simply because of the obvious fact that they somehow manifest a sort of holistic property with a direct interaction with the ‘living’.

We can understand this also with some more examples.

In the periods of Ayurvedha, medicines have accurately been prescribed for thousands of diseases and ailments. But in those periods the atmosphere, water, soil and every other thing would have been so fresh, thereby greatly reducing the chances of even getting a disease; at the same time the population was proportionately so less thereby greatly further reducing the chance of even identifying a person with an ailment, thereby nullifying the opportunities of any random observation; there was no question of laboratories for experimentations; and there were no records in writing, when the communications were simply through words of mouth. The methodology that was involved could never be explained with any of the scientific terms prevailing today. But Ayurvedha and Sidha are practiced even today and slowly getting a global recognition.
Similarly in the system of Homeopathy that has been originated from the west, the medicines that are administered, when the constituents are diluted several hundred times, it could be easily understood that the chance of even a single molecule entering into the body is simply remote; but it cures.

The great and accurate predictions of astronomy in the times when there were no observatory equipments, further strengthens the possibilities of a methodology that comes out of certain deep insight associated with realizations perfectly reflecting the nature of truth.

By the same time, as per Spirituality the basic nature of realization is considered as the realization of the self and the identification of the self in the enormity as a whole along with it and therefore every outcome of that realization will somehow reflect the fundamental truth with a specific dimension.

With this it could be comprehended that the knowledge of ‘science’ with its multifarious dimensions and disciplines as a knowledge principally based on observations; ‘spirituality’ with its various branches as a knowledge principally based on realizations; and finally the knowledge of ‘arts’ functioning as a bridge between these two when all these three are complimentary to each other in the most abstract and subjective sense in the progress and perfection of life forms.

Now any realization that gets originated from the holistic perception, by nature, as it can never isolate anything, will have an enormous potentiality of accommodating everything in it in the process; will naturally reflect the reality in specific different dimensions along with their fundamentality and also generality when the fruits will be ‘unique’ in property.

The fundamental distinction may be felt with clarity in the understanding of ‘uniqueness’ and ‘individuality’. Anything in the creation is unique with its own specific properties while also having general properties, which in essence displays a perfect harmony expressing the property of accommodation because of the representation of the whole.

On the other hand individuality is the product of comparison with an exceptional skill and at the same time would be the expression of only the differentiation and the basic essence of which is contradiction.

The practicalities of uniqueness when displaying the properties of accommodation will lead the life form in the positive direction towards progress, when the practicalities of individuality will have no other option but to play a reactionary role in the life form displaying contradictions in each and every stratum of interaction.

The property of individuality that is more lenient on the informative knowledge and intelligence, on the other side would succumb itself to inevitable contradictions thereby opposing the freedom in itself, since it evolves out of acceptance.

Thus it could be deduced that the property of uniqueness is exactly opposite to it, which will get manifested into responsibility having more lenience towards the truth and reality from the depth of the heart, far beyond any perceivable parameters of skill in all the planes of practicalities, since it evolves out of accommodation and thereby ensuring abundant freedom in every sense.

Any outcome or in other words any product out of this abundant degree of freedom will evidently play not only an active but also an exceptional progressive role for the life form simply because of its core nature of reflection and expression of the ‘whole’ and will encompass anything and everything in it. When the space, time and plane of this ‘Ultimate Whole’ are always in equivalence, which could never be compared with anything but the same thing, would display a ‘dimensionless’ state of dynamic being.

Any outcome or in other words any product out of this abundant degree of freedom will evidently play not only an active but also an exceptional progressive role for the life form simply because of its core nature of reflection and expression of the ‘whole’ and will encompass anything and everything in it. When the space, time and plane of this ‘Ultimate Whole’ are always in equivalence, which could never be compared with anything but the same thing, would display a ‘dimensionless’ state of dynamic being.

The basic reason behind analyzing these opposing properties in different angles bears significance that somehow it would choose a plane of penetration towards the heart of the readers.

It could be understood that the perception of yet another pair of opposites known as good and evil gets applied only in the relative plane of thoughts coupled with opinions of shorter range, when on the plane of absolute reality both these opposites could very well be accommodated without differentiation. It could also be understood that when ‘becoming’ is the fundamental property of the ‘Nature’ and that indicates a dynamic state of ‘being’, both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ would always try to exclude each other. There cannot exist something called good and evil unless there is something called mankind on this earth. Since the fundamental basis of all the above is the act of accommodation, it would always express itself as a responsibility obviously inducing progressive actions.


For over long years great many personalities have emerged who could grasp the needs of the society according to different historical and social atmosphere thus sharpening the questions in search of truth and thence have converted such knowledge based on realizations as the product of the society. It could also be understood that, though the ultimate truth or the fundamental reality remains absolute, the perception of the same and conversion towards practicalities differs not only according to the persons who assume responsibilities of such interaction with the society, but also very importantly indicates the social conditions that are receptive to such interactions. This could be very well observed in the very essence of art, which takes new forms time and again as a simple parameter of such an interaction between the person who gives out the art and the people who receive and recognize them.

In that same path again there is a necessity in the society to realize in the most organic way about its inseparable relationship with the nature to induce and stimulate creativity of a different form and that could be well catered from the field of art with a strong sense of responsibility.

And the field of art would naturally evolve into a qualitative form towards a true interaction with the hearts of the people and also with a purpose so as to yield objective changes.

Our lives due to certain yet to be explored reason, are somehow or other has an inseparable interaction with the field of art. All the living beings, even though have a chance of finding them in any part in any form in this world, assume specific forms in specific positions, growing to induce a positive interaction with the surrounding. Such an interaction is an act of continuity and as far as we are concerned, an act of identification and positioning of ourselves with a sense of responsibility. The expression of such an act, especially in the field of art, which has the greatest potentiality of interaction beyond space-time barriers and limitations, could be in its perfect form only when it comes out of the realization of the whole, in an environment that ensures an absolute freedom.

The preparedness would be in such a way that the mind to be in the simplest state, without any preconceived notions or opinions about anything; without showing lenience or resistance towards the happenings; without being carried away by pressures and targets; a freedom that is just beyond any such limitations and barriers, when the process of accommodation can happen only with those who do not identify them with any specific fragment or section of the society and with absolute openness. The chance of identifying such specific psychological frame up is more only in the youngsters.

All the people who come forward to work in the proposed social center would be fully exposed to an understanding of such a freedom with accommodation and also would be provided with an environment to realize the freedom within them. They would be provided with all the infrastructures and materials for making any product according to their specific means of formulations of expressing them from deep inside. They would also be assisted with any form of subjective knowledge and also the knowledge of objective realities of the world in the most unconditional way.

The nature of our responsibility would be directed towards minimizing the gap between the product that sprouts out of the realization and the knowledge on the objective realities of the world.

Such a program when grows would induce transformations in the internal structure of not only the people involved in the creation of products but would induce undoubtedly similar transformations even in the people with whom the creations interact. Again there would always be a progress in the positive direction and can never happen in the other way, since the outcomes would be never cramped due to any sort of external or internal pressure or suppression by factors of pseudo disciplines.

When art is expressed solely from the realization with adequate freedom of expression, then that would definitely bring in positive vibrations towards the progress and eventually would become the product of the society. Only at this juncture the difference between the created and the creator would narrow down and at certain points even appear to vanish.

Humans display different patterns of practice. Each and every such practice would reflect an organized internal pattern that would normally in accordance with or contradicting with that of certain organized external pattern; that is all his practices of expressing himself would display an emotional structure of the relationship of that individual along with his internal organization to that of an external pattern as and how that has been perceived by him.

Any such emotional structure is nothing but a specific form of interaction and that is known as psychology. Therefore any form of psychology is nothing but the expression of a specific internal pattern that is in relationship with the external pattern by either accepting it with a tolerance or contradicting it towards a change.

This particular mutually organized pattern is known as philosophy that would display a process of converting the realization of any form, through the act of analysis towards practice. As any human being identifies himself with the surrounding, and that surrounding always differs from person to person, the self identification depends upon the fact as to how an individual human positions himself and determines his own surroundings having his own limitations. Here we mean the term ‘surroundings’, as the human society with all its practices, along with all other living things and the nature.

In the objective sense, philosophy would mean positioning, to comprehend a history; somebody can position him within smaller limits and somebody can position him within larger limits. The philosophy that is expressed in psychology would differ according to the positioning either as more emotional or as less emotional. And that particular psychology would get expressed in practice.

Whatever may be the practice would be essentially but a mode of interaction with material existence. When the most objective material interaction differs from person to person, the outcome of ‘experience’ once coupled with creativity would be always limited, displaying an incidental and modified ‘material’ interaction. If the same is coupled with realization then that would display an altogether different generalized conceptual way of interaction with ‘matter’ ‘as a whole’ in a broader sense.

In the field of art an output based on experience, has its own limitations of transfer of ideas; but a generalized way of interaction with ‘matter’ if expressed, would greatly transfer the ideas that would make transformations by way of organic interactions.

Now considering the overall human way of life in relationship with the nature, there is a situation in the nature that reflects a perfect preparedness for all the above said factors to get converted into realities and naturally this will turn out to be an objective reality.

Any living thing is a ‘living thing’ only if it is active. In the fundamental sense, ‘activity’ is nothing but the process of undergoing changes within and inducing changes with the surrounding. Therefore any living thing is influenced by the surroundings and has its own influence over the surroundings.

If a living thing undergoing changes, is able to absorb the external factors as positives for its growth and dominate the external influences that are negatives, and able to retain its changes within, then we call the process as growth and simply ‘living’; if the same is being dominated by the external influences and unable to sustain its internal growth, then we call the process as decay and simply ‘death’.

When all the living things such as plants, trees, birds, animals and so on appear to undergo and at the same time impart with, such changes unconsciously, only man does it in a conscious way as he has recognized himself as an evolved form of living things.

Like any other living thing man is also active and when the basic activity of human activity is material activity, and any such usual activity can be called as practice and any ‘active activity’ that is directed towards a change is normally known as ‘creativity’. That is, something known as creativity will always oppose the convention of any form and will be an expression of the interaction of somebody with the surrounding essentially towards a change.

Now if such a creativity of a human form of living, induces a change within him and as well as a change around him towards growth then that can be recognized as progressive creativity; if opposes the growth, then reactionary.

Once a change of whatever nature, that is progressive or reactionary, is accommodated organically, then the activities along with the change become the usual and therefore display a modified practice.

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